Monday, May 26, 2014

Hotels to stay in La Paz Bolivia and hotels to avoid

When travelling to La Paz, Bolivia to visit Tiawanaku and Puma Punku you need to know which hotels one should avoid or which hotels are best to stay. Theese reviews about hotels to stay in La Paz, Bolivia and hotels to avoid here are the most trusted ones.
First and winner for services in 2014 is Stannum Boutique Hotel in La Paz. "Wonderful services", "A Jewel of a hotel", theese are the words people talk about it.
Since 2014 December, La Paz has the highest and longest urban cable car network in the world.
La Paz Bolivia hotels Puma Punku
"The only downside is the shower, the bathrooms are stunning yet the shower head is tiny, they should install rain showers.", yet says other visitor in March, 2014. See more reviews and prices...
   There are about 72 hotels in La Pas, Bolivia. After Stannum, we find Camino Real Suites. "Excellent accomodations in La Paz", "The Royal suites on 11th floor are really good, the view is magnificient" but also a visitor gives us a piece of advice, to call to the hotel in order to get to payment confirmation.
Hotels in La Paz ok
Do not forget, a pleasant staying will allow you to have a great trip to Tiawanaku. See more about location and prices...
Some of us won't go here but others did. Let's see Pirwa Hostel . "Decent", "Worst", "Pretty disappointing" - well these are the words. But taking the price into account, one might find it not ok, but excelent.

Where to stay in Bolivia
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A great location and cheap enough but good enough, as visitors say - Hotel Sagarnaga. "Excellent", "Cheap", "Central location"...
Bolivia places travel
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Find out whether Bolivia is a safe place to travel to or not...

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Travel tips to Bolivia and Puma Punku

You need tips when travel to Bolivia and strategies in order to have a great holliday while visiting Puma Punku. And we taling about travel tips to Bolivia regarding health and money. The first travel tip about Bolivia and Puma Punku is related to the Altiplano. The altitude sickness is the first thing you should care about. So, first travel tip to Bolivia is get used to altitude.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Who built Puma Punku in one night?

Only the Inca people knows who built Puma Punku in one night. But their statement is incredible. They say gods built Puma Punku in one night and not the Inca or their ancestors. To build in one night a lot of blocks of stone like those in Puma Punku is like building an amazing puzzle. Or, perhaps, this is the riddle about the place.