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Necromanteion where you could talk to the dead

The Necromanteion was one of the places of ancient Greece were pilgrims came to talk to the dead or to their beloved ones who had passed away. Necromanteion is also known as the oracle where our world was connected to Hades, the underworld, where the souls of the dead where taken by the boat-man Acheron to the other world. And it was not a nice place to stay. This is the Necromanteion in Greece.
Necromanteion in Greece,Parga

According to Herodotus, the Necromanteion was the most important oracle among the others in ancient Greece.
It was here(see on youtube) where even the great kings came to ask about their dead ancestors and talk to them. Now we have mediums who help the ones who believe that they can really talk to their fathers, mothers or other close persons.
Necromanteion, best place to visit Greece

In that time and we are talking about the 1st century BC, the Necromanteion was a kind of theatre, where the celebrants who wanted to speak to the dead had to face many challenges : after local, strange narcotics, they were led to some corridors, had to answer questions and leave offerings from time to time. At the ending of this initiation, a priest appeared, apparentely from nowhere and spoke about the dead. Achiles(we know him from the Troy's Brad Pitt), Agamemnon and all the other great heroes in Greek mythology came here to find what the gods or the underworld ghosts were planning for them.
 Come descend with us for the next story in the underworld at Hades through Necromanteion, where souls used to speak.
The road to Hades-Necromanteion in Greece

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