Monday, July 28, 2014

Nekromanteion of Greece I Photos

Theese are the photos of Nekromanteion, the ancient oracle of Death in Greece. We have captured the photos in 2014. To enter the Nekromanteion of Greece you need to pay 2 euros and to take photos is free.

Necromanteion ruins in Greece
Ruins of Necromanteion in Greece

The complex made of stones is quite interesting. For the stones of Nekromanteion are heavy and, still, they made walls with them.

Nekromanteion stones
Stones of Nekromanteion

So, if you ever visit Parga in Greece, this is a place you must see. It is about 20 km from Parga.

Parga Greece Nekromanteion

It is here in this photo of Nekromanteion where we caught Achiles. According to our guide, Achiles came to this oracle. It was in his journey to river Styxx. But here, in this oracle Achiles found out something about his future.

Oracle of Achiles the hero of Troy
The Oracle of Achiles - Nekromanteion

No, this is not Achiles, it is but the gate to Nekromanteion and to the underworld. Here at the gate you met the souls of the dead in Nekromanteion and here they spoke. Read more about the Nekromanteion where you could talk to the dead.

Gate of Nekromanteion
The Gate of Nekromanteion

During the ritual, if the dead answered yes to your question from this huge jar came wine. If they said no, it was only water. This was the ritual at Nekromanteion.

Nekromanteion ritual dead
Ritual at Nekromanteion

This site was discovered in 1955. Homer wrote about it in the 8th century B.C. Read more about the oracle of the dead or Necromanteion of Greece!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Oracle of the dead in Greece, Parga

The oracle of the dead and the whole ceremony while calling the dead in the Oracle of the dead in ancient Greece, near Parga, had a name : nekiya, which means the ritual when living people called the dead to ask them about the future. The Oracle of the dead in Greece, Parga was, thus, a temple. Oddysseus, the great greek hero came here to ask what he should do in order to return home where his wife, Penelope, was still waiting for him after the war of Troy and after wandering over the seas for more than nine long years. And not only him.
Oracle of the dead in Ephyrus, Greece

The Oracle of the dead in Ephyra, Greece, also known as the Necromanteion had also a secret chamber. It was there where the one who wanted to talk to the dead, entered.

Descending to the oracle of the dead was an adventure. It could last days or even weeks until the pilgrim was ready to face the souls.
Oracle of the dead in Greece, Parga

It is interesting that while the pilgrim passed through corridors and gates or the Oracle of the Dead he was asked questions by the holly guide and he found answers to his questions only at the end of this journey. The Necromanteion was not the only oracle of this kind in Greece or, later, in the Roman Empire. We find such temples also in a cave at Cape Matapan, in southern Greece, where the Spartans built another home of Hades or in Heraklea Pontica in nowadays Turkey, known as the modern city of Karadeniz Eregli, at the Black Sea. Necromanteion is the oldest oracle in Greece.
 Necromanteion was burnt and destroyed by the Romans while their expansion in 167 BC. It was described by Homer in the 8th century BC, by Herodotus in the 5th century BC and was discovered and excavated in 1955 A.D. Nowadays the ARCHAEO TRAVEL NEWS are interesting.
Oracle - Necromanteion
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And this before you can visit this terrifying place where, according to ancient Greek mythology, three rivers of death, sorrow and pain met in order the ancient River Styxx to arise. This site was located on the banks of the Acheron River in Epirus. Now it is in the province of Prevenza, the new city built after Nikopoli was devastated in the 12th century. To get to the Necromanteion it is very easy if you visit the city of Parga in the south-western Greece. See more PHOTOS ABOUT NECROMANTEION!
Found theese walls interesting? They are the same walls as Puma Punku's although South America had not been discovered in the 1th century BC. See Puma Punku in Bolivia!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Necromanteion where you could talk to the dead

The Necromanteion was one of the places of ancient Greece were pilgrims came to talk to the dead or to their beloved ones who had passed away. Necromanteion is also known as the oracle where our world was connected to Hades, the underworld, where the souls of the dead where taken by the boat-man Acheron to the other world. And it was not a nice place to stay. This is the Necromanteion in Greece.
Necromanteion in Greece,Parga

According to Herodotus, the Necromanteion was the most important oracle among the others in ancient Greece.