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Holy Mount Guide

This brief Holy Mount Guide will lead you to what is called the heart of the Holy Land and to Jerusalem.
It is a place where humanity becomes one(but so divided) through its great three religions. In the same time a Holy Mount guide is the perfect travel calendar before you come to visit this touristic attraction
Moriah or the Holy Mount in Jerusalem has been considered as the very connection of the ancient Jews to God. It is here where Abraham came to pay his sacrifice to God by killing his son. For muslims, this is the rock where Mohammed ascented to Heaven from. Nobody knows whether the First Temple Mount really existed or not. But here it is. The
Holy Temple Mount
So, since the Patriarchs and later the muslims, Holy Mount has made Jerusalem the most wanted place on Earth. Fot this reason it was conquered and destroyed 36 times in 3000 years. This is what our guide forgot to tell us.

In 10 century BC, David and the israelites conquered the area and prepared to build here a temple. It was David's son, King Solomon who succeded in doing this job in 957 BC.
The Temple on the Holy Mount, thus, became the place where the Ark of the Covenant, the device containing the tables of the law, was to dwell in. The Ark of the Covenant was hidden in the most secret chamber of the Temple, the Holiest of the Holy. For this is a Holy Mount Guide, we shall not talk about strange theories like who built the temples, the aliens and so on. 

In the 6th century BC (year 586), the babylonians conquered the Holy Mount and destroyed the temple, under Nabucodonosor. The Jews had to face a 70 years exile. But there is more to say about Solomon and the Holy Mount. In 2013, dr. Eliat Mezar discovered a 3000 years old jar containing data about the history of the Holy Mount and becoming a great Holy Mount guide into our ancient history.

He found it near the southern wall of Jerusalem, which means the Temple was here at that time. And the great Solomon's Ring might be also found under the ground. But under ground archeologists found blocks of stone which were to be the foundation of the Temple that are not only hard to break(they are even 6 hundred tons weight), but nobody wants that. According to some intelligence sources, it would lead to another world war for it contained not only the secret of God but also a huge power. As a tourist you are not allowed to know more and you really need not, but since you are in the area, don't forget Solomon's quarries. They are beyond the muslim quartier in old Jerusalem. Those who built the first Temple are believed to have extracted the stones for the walls from here.
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In the same site, and we are talking about 145.000 square meters where nowadays archaeological excavations are forbidden, another temple was built. It was in the 1st century BC and, thus, the Holy Mount and the Temple is related to Jesus of Nazareth for this is the place where the crucifiction scene started from and also the resurrection. It had to come the Romans and destroy the Second Temple in 70 AD for the three great religions to meet on the Holy Mount. This is the Dome of the Rock...

For Persians who built here the Dome of the Rock 6 centuries after the israelites had been sent to exile again by Romans, this rock was the place Mohammed ascended to Heaven and it is believed that under it was the secret chamber, the Holiest Holy where the Ark of the Covenant had been kept by the kings before. 
That is why this place is so important and that is why we decided to write this Holy Mount Guide, a short guide for visitors like us.   

And there is another interesting thing you should before going to Temple Mount. When Solomon's Temple was built the Sun rose at 30 degrees south-east during winter solstice and 30 degrees north-east at summer soltice. When they started to build Washington, for the same coordinates, the Sun rose at 30 degrees south-east in winter solstice and 30 degrees north-east at summer solstice(C. Knight - Before the Pyramids).  

            Why the REAL shape of The Great Pyramid in Egypt can be seen only twice a year?

Friday, September 19, 2014

New Discoveries At The Great Pyramid In Egypt

These new discoveries at the Great Pyramid in Egypt plateau will change history for sure. One cannot think of anything else for the discoveries made by archeologists and historians at the Great Pyramid in Giza are quite overwhelming. There are ten things, discoveries not well known about this Pyramid called the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
1. The Great Pyramid of Giza is not a classical pyramid. Its shape can be seen only from the sky and only twice a year - at dawn and sunset equinoxes, at spring and autumn. A British pilot saw this while flying around the Great Pyramid. So we actually have 8 sides in the The Great Pyramid of Egypt but only seen from the sky and only twice a year. 

 Photo : History.

Terrorist threat by December 2014 in Egypt, see areas.

2. The basis perimeter of the Great Pyramid is 921,42 meters. It might be strange but if we get this perimeter X 43.200 we find the circumferinte of the Equator, which is about 40.075 km. 

3. If you take again 43.200 X 146,72 which is the height of the Pyramid you find Earth radius at the poles which is 6.356,60 km.

 Photo :
4. Why is it so important, this number : 43.200 or 432 or 432.000?  Well, in Mayan mythology 6 katuns or cycles of the Earth is 43.200 days. In Northern mythology we find 540 X 800 warriors which is 432.000 going to fight against the Wolf. One day in Brahma's life is 432.000 years for humans and Kali Yuga, which is a cycle on Earth is also 432.000 years as we, the humans, see it and the kings of Babylon ruled for 432.000 years. 
5. Another thing very important you didn't know about the Great Pyramid in Giza is Orion. These are the numbers. The 3 pyramids of Giza.

And now, this is the Orion's belt.This is what astronomers discovered. I have no comments about it.
6. We get the pi number = 3,14 if we divide the Pyramid perimeter to the double of its height. And we find the distance from Earth to Sun if we multiply its height by one billion. The distance between our planet and its star is about 148.000.000 km and the Great Pyramid height is about 148 m.
7. 2.600.000 blocks of stone were used for building the Great Pyramid. Many of them are 70 to 100 tones weight. Nowadays we do not have the technology to make similar constructions. And we have a 6 million tones Pyramid while the Earth is a 6 X 10.000000000000000 and so on, weight.
8. Why did they build it? Well, have you aver seen a hydraulic pump with compression chamber? Take a look at these images. This is a pump. 

  And this is the Great Pyramid in Egypt
9. The Great Pyramid in Egypt perimeter is almost identical to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, about 900 m.
10. Near the Great Pyramid they found boats in the sand. Why are they similar to the boats built nowadays in the Titikaka lake, in Peru. This is a boat in Egypt. 

And this is a boat in Peru and Bolivia. 
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Or maybe you like ancient Greece!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Visit Styxx River

I have visited Styxx, the river of the dead this year. It was during our vacation in Greece and we have decided that we should visit this legendary river, called Styxx which was in Greek mythology the border between our world and the underworld of Hades. So, the best thing one can do in order to visit Syxx River is first of all to come to the awsome Greece. Photo : view from Parga.
Visit Greece and River Styxx
The River Styxx, or Acheron as it is also called, was the river of death and sorrow. You can read more about it here. What I wanted to tell about it is that nowadays it is a funny place, indeed mysterious and a little strange first of all because of the silence that sorrounds the area, but a nice place to visit, to have a beer in the forest or in the bloody cold water. How do you get there?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Death River

The Death River in Greece is the river the souls of the dead had to cross to get to the underworld. The Death River is not so scary as you might think. The Death River is only cold like Hell. It is also the basis of Greek mythology and the answer to question where we go after death.

Death River
Legends say that the Death River is the place where Achile's mother brought her child to make him invincible. She had to bathe him for the waters or the Death River were said to have special powers. None could be hurt after swimming here.
Nowadays, in order to be invincible when crossing the river you need special slippers. This lady didn't listen to the guide. Stones are rather sharp and mercyless.
Death River in Greece

And more than that you have to get undressed. The Death River  is so deep in some places that you cannot pass dressed or with your camera. I have tried it this summer(2014). No way, man. At least not when you try to swim with one hand and make a movie with the other. The Death River does not forgive.

The Death River is about 30 km from the city of Parga, one of the most interesting holiday destinations in Greece.

The Death River comes directly from the mountain, this is the reason for it is so bloody cold. But if you are ok with that, it may be an incredible experience.

This river cut his path through mountain but in the same time it is quite accessible. 

In ancient legendary times this was the river you had to pass to find peace into the underworld. Fortunatelly, now it is only rafting. You must pay about 30 euros to get the boat. Thousands of years ago, the boatman, called Acheron wanted only one coin. Your relatives put it in your mouth because you were dead. Lol. 

The Death River is near the Oracle of the Dead. See where Achiles, Oddyseus and all the Greek ancient kings found their future before the War of Troy. They came to the Necromanteion!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Nekromanteion of Greece I Photos

Theese are the photos of Nekromanteion, the ancient oracle of Death in Greece. We have captured the photos in 2014. To enter the Nekromanteion of Greece you need to pay 2 euros and to take photos is free.

Necromanteion ruins in Greece
Ruins of Necromanteion in Greece

The complex made of stones is quite interesting. For the stones of Nekromanteion are heavy and, still, they made walls with them.

Nekromanteion stones
Stones of Nekromanteion

So, if you ever visit Parga in Greece, this is a place you must see. It is about 20 km from Parga.

Parga Greece Nekromanteion

It is here in this photo of Nekromanteion where we caught Achiles. According to our guide, Achiles came to this oracle. It was in his journey to river Styxx. But here, in this oracle Achiles found out something about his future.

Oracle of Achiles the hero of Troy
The Oracle of Achiles - Nekromanteion

No, this is not Achiles, it is but the gate to Nekromanteion and to the underworld. Here at the gate you met the souls of the dead in Nekromanteion and here they spoke. Read more about the Nekromanteion where you could talk to the dead.

Gate of Nekromanteion
The Gate of Nekromanteion

During the ritual, if the dead answered yes to your question from this huge jar came wine. If they said no, it was only water. This was the ritual at Nekromanteion.

Nekromanteion ritual dead
Ritual at Nekromanteion

This site was discovered in 1955. Homer wrote about it in the 8th century B.C. Read more about the oracle of the dead or Necromanteion of Greece!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Oracle of the dead in Greece, Parga

The oracle of the dead and the whole ceremony while calling the dead in the Oracle of the dead in ancient Greece, near Parga, had a name : nekiya, which means the ritual when living people called the dead to ask them about the future. The Oracle of the dead in Greece, Parga was, thus, a temple. Oddysseus, the great greek hero came here to ask what he should do in order to return home where his wife, Penelope, was still waiting for him after the war of Troy and after wandering over the seas for more than nine long years. And not only him.
Oracle of the dead in Ephyrus, Greece

The Oracle of the dead in Ephyra, Greece, also known as the Necromanteion had also a secret chamber. It was there where the one who wanted to talk to the dead, entered.

Descending to the oracle of the dead was an adventure. It could last days or even weeks until the pilgrim was ready to face the souls.
Oracle of the dead in Greece, Parga

It is interesting that while the pilgrim passed through corridors and gates or the Oracle of the Dead he was asked questions by the holly guide and he found answers to his questions only at the end of this journey. The Necromanteion was not the only oracle of this kind in Greece or, later, in the Roman Empire. We find such temples also in a cave at Cape Matapan, in southern Greece, where the Spartans built another home of Hades or in Heraklea Pontica in nowadays Turkey, known as the modern city of Karadeniz Eregli, at the Black Sea. Necromanteion is the oldest oracle in Greece.
 Necromanteion was burnt and destroyed by the Romans while their expansion in 167 BC. It was described by Homer in the 8th century BC, by Herodotus in the 5th century BC and was discovered and excavated in 1955 A.D. Nowadays the ARCHAEO TRAVEL NEWS are interesting.
Oracle - Necromanteion
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And this before you can visit this terrifying place where, according to ancient Greek mythology, three rivers of death, sorrow and pain met in order the ancient River Styxx to arise. This site was located on the banks of the Acheron River in Epirus. Now it is in the province of Prevenza, the new city built after Nikopoli was devastated in the 12th century. To get to the Necromanteion it is very easy if you visit the city of Parga in the south-western Greece. See more PHOTOS ABOUT NECROMANTEION!
Found theese walls interesting? They are the same walls as Puma Punku's although South America had not been discovered in the 1th century BC. See Puma Punku in Bolivia!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Necromanteion where you could talk to the dead

The Necromanteion was one of the places of ancient Greece were pilgrims came to talk to the dead or to their beloved ones who had passed away. Necromanteion is also known as the oracle where our world was connected to Hades, the underworld, where the souls of the dead where taken by the boat-man Acheron to the other world. And it was not a nice place to stay. This is the Necromanteion in Greece.
Necromanteion in Greece,Parga

According to Herodotus, the Necromanteion was the most important oracle among the others in ancient Greece.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Is Bolivia safe to travel to?

Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador are the so-called countries of the central Andes and rather not safe to travel to Bolivia until few years ago. Looking back in time Bolivia was not safe at all to travel to until 1990, due to the poverty of the majority of population and to the drugs war. In fact, that was the time when the coca cultivation was moved by cartels to Colombia. Bolivia was not safe to travel to because of political war, too many coup d'etat and too many military interventions in the state issues. President Evo Morales, elected in 2008 decided it was time for the drugs, tin and silver mining oligarchies to stop. He even bought Russian helicopters in order to fight against theese crime structures.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hotels to stay in La Paz Bolivia and hotels to avoid

When travelling to La Paz, Bolivia to visit Tiawanaku and Puma Punku you need to know which hotels one should avoid or which hotels are best to stay. Theese reviews about hotels to stay in La Paz, Bolivia and hotels to avoid here are the most trusted ones.
First and winner for services in 2014 is Stannum Boutique Hotel in La Paz. "Wonderful services", "A Jewel of a hotel", theese are the words people talk about it.
Since 2014 December, La Paz has the highest and longest urban cable car network in the world.
La Paz Bolivia hotels Puma Punku
"The only downside is the shower, the bathrooms are stunning yet the shower head is tiny, they should install rain showers.", yet says other visitor in March, 2014. See more reviews and prices...
   There are about 72 hotels in La Pas, Bolivia. After Stannum, we find Camino Real Suites. "Excellent accomodations in La Paz", "The Royal suites on 11th floor are really good, the view is magnificient" but also a visitor gives us a piece of advice, to call to the hotel in order to get to payment confirmation.
Hotels in La Paz ok
Do not forget, a pleasant staying will allow you to have a great trip to Tiawanaku. See more about location and prices...
Some of us won't go here but others did. Let's see Pirwa Hostel . "Decent", "Worst", "Pretty disappointing" - well these are the words. But taking the price into account, one might find it not ok, but excelent.

Where to stay in Bolivia
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A great location and cheap enough but good enough, as visitors say - Hotel Sagarnaga. "Excellent", "Cheap", "Central location"...
Bolivia places travel
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Find out whether Bolivia is a safe place to travel to or not...

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Travel tips to Bolivia and Puma Punku

You need tips when travel to Bolivia and strategies in order to have a great holliday while visiting Puma Punku. And we taling about travel tips to Bolivia regarding health and money. The first travel tip about Bolivia and Puma Punku is related to the Altiplano. The altitude sickness is the first thing you should care about. So, first travel tip to Bolivia is get used to altitude.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Who built Puma Punku in one night?

Only the Inca people knows who built Puma Punku in one night. But their statement is incredible. They say gods built Puma Punku in one night and not the Inca or their ancestors. To build in one night a lot of blocks of stone like those in Puma Punku is like building an amazing puzzle. Or, perhaps, this is the riddle about the place.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

History of Puma Punku

The history of Puma Punku begins in 1945. It was the moment when history truly recorded Puma Punku as a mystery. And it was after Arthur Posnansky said that the history of Puma Punku does not belong, actually, to our history. After searching for evidences for more than 30 years, the archeologist said that Puma Punku and its amazing history goes back to more than 17.000 years ago.

Friday, April 25, 2014

How the weather is at Puma Punku in Bolivia

Some of us may find the weather at Puma Punku in Bolivia not friendly at all. Yet, we're sure that most of us will understand that the weather on the top of the world where Puma Punku is, cannot be an enemy for visiting. According to the weather station used by El Alto Internationl Airport, La Paz, Bolivia, the weather at Puma Punku is rather cool. We have dry winters and short summers.
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                                                 Photo :
As you can see, the warm season lasts from October to December. This means we have about 15 C degrees or 59 F but it can be worse, to only 7-8 C.
November seems to be a good period to visit Puma Punku.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ruins of Puma Punku in Bolivia

Puma Punku in Bolivia is an amazing travel destination and an unique experience. You will find theese ruins of massive stones in Bolivia, as the complex of Puma Punku is part of
Tiwanaku area, between La Paz and The Lake Titikaka. We are talking about huge, precise cut blocks of stone, brought to Puma Punku on the Altiplano in Bolivia hundreds or maybe thousands of years ago. Some scientists believe that the incredible ruins of Puma Punku in Bolivia 
are even 17.000 years old. No theory is officialy accepted about what theese ruins are, how were they got there and what the purpose of this mysterious construction was.
who built Puma Punku Bolivia

The ruins of Puma Punku are 45 miles from La Paz. The altitude is 12.000 feet.

One block of stone here in Puma Punku was estimated to be 440 tons weight. The others laying about are even 150 tons. All of them are masterpieces from any modern builder's point of view. Power machines were allowed to anyone at about 500 B.C. when this complex was built. If it is 500 B.C. Other scholars consider 2000 B.C. more realistic.
ruins of Puma Punku Bolivia

Puma Punku is, in fact, a place where one can see a lot of megalithic stones on the ground. They are among the largest on Earth and we are talking about granit. Granit cannot be easily cut. So, the interesting thing about the incredible ruins of Puma Punku in Bolivia is how theese stones have been cut or who made perfect holes in them, as though they used power machines and electricity. 
ancient technology Puma Punku Bolivia
                                            Photo :
Some scholars believe the enormous structure of Puma Punku was the victim of a terrible earthquake or a flood humanity had never seen before. But nobody knows for sure when this disaster took place. Especially when we think that in 1945, an archeologist, Arthur Posnansky proposed that this megalithic structure was buit in 17.000 B.C. He proposed this after taking into account the position of the stars in that very moment and the position of the temple or what unknown people had built at Puma Punku.
When you visit this incredible destination, don't forget : you are breatheless. First of all because you are in the altitude of 3.600 m. And, of course, the ruins of this incredible structure, unique on Earth are amazing.
See also how the weather is at Puma Punku in Bolivia!

                                           Photo : google.maps

Thank you for reading our post and don't forget that we are born to travel!
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