Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Is Bolivia safe to travel to?

Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador are the so-called countries of the central Andes and rather not safe to travel to Bolivia until few years ago. Looking back in time Bolivia was not safe at all to travel to until 1990, due to the poverty of the majority of population and to the drugs war. In fact, that was the time when the coca cultivation was moved by cartels to Colombia. Bolivia was not safe to travel to because of political war, too many coup d'etat and too many military interventions in the state issues. President Evo Morales, elected in 2008 decided it was time for the drugs, tin and silver mining oligarchies to stop. He even bought Russian helicopters in order to fight against theese crime structures.
And, although, Evo Morales policy was to bring back the '50 revolutionary ideeas by a land reform and the nationalization of industry and natural resources, he also invited the Indian population, the real owner of Bolivia to government structures. All theese made Bolivia a safe place to travel to now. In 2007, the opposition tried to get Morales down from office by a referendum. They did not succeed and the president said again : ,,They can drag me from the palace. They can kill me. Mission accomplished for the re-funding of the new united Bolivia"(Skidmore&Smith - Modern Latin America). According to the US Departament of State, most major cities in Bolivia have medium threat ratings for crime. Only Santa Cruz is high. It is a report for 2013. Yet, the crime rate in Bolivia is the lowest in South America and comparable to cities in the United States.
Puma Punku safe travel

Nowdays, Bolivia may be seen as a safe place to travel to. And you find great food too in Bolivia. Criminal structures don't make the laws anymore and the citizans' safety is by far more protected than it was 20 years ago. So, now we can enjoy in Bolivia visiting Puma Punku, Tiwanaku or the Lake Titikaka not being concerned about our lives. According to the UK Government, now, there still happens short-term abductions and the victims are tourists. Fake drivers would do that in order to make money, so be vigilent when choosing a taxi.
Police - 110 or for tourists - 800-10-8687
 We have been talking here about Puma Punku, how was that complex built and when, about weather in the area, hotels and travel tips. We'll keep on talking now about another masterpiece of an ancient civilization in Bolivia - Tiwanaku and the Gate of The Sun.

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The Necromanteion - Oracle of the dead

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