Friday, September 19, 2014

New Discoveries At The Great Pyramid In Egypt

These new discoveries at the Great Pyramid in Egypt plateau will change history for sure. One cannot think of anything else for the discoveries made by archeologists and historians at the Great Pyramid in Giza are quite overwhelming. There are ten things, discoveries not well known about this Pyramid called the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
1. The Great Pyramid of Giza is not a classical pyramid. Its shape can be seen only from the sky and only twice a year - at dawn and sunset equinoxes, at spring and autumn. A British pilot saw this while flying around the Great Pyramid. So we actually have 8 sides in the The Great Pyramid of Egypt but only seen from the sky and only twice a year. 

 Photo : History.

Terrorist threat by December 2014 in Egypt, see areas.

2. The basis perimeter of the Great Pyramid is 921,42 meters. It might be strange but if we get this perimeter X 43.200 we find the circumferinte of the Equator, which is about 40.075 km. 

3. If you take again 43.200 X 146,72 which is the height of the Pyramid you find Earth radius at the poles which is 6.356,60 km.

 Photo :
4. Why is it so important, this number : 43.200 or 432 or 432.000?  Well, in Mayan mythology 6 katuns or cycles of the Earth is 43.200 days. In Northern mythology we find 540 X 800 warriors which is 432.000 going to fight against the Wolf. One day in Brahma's life is 432.000 years for humans and Kali Yuga, which is a cycle on Earth is also 432.000 years as we, the humans, see it and the kings of Babylon ruled for 432.000 years. 
5. Another thing very important you didn't know about the Great Pyramid in Giza is Orion. These are the numbers. The 3 pyramids of Giza.

And now, this is the Orion's belt.This is what astronomers discovered. I have no comments about it.
6. We get the pi number = 3,14 if we divide the Pyramid perimeter to the double of its height. And we find the distance from Earth to Sun if we multiply its height by one billion. The distance between our planet and its star is about 148.000.000 km and the Great Pyramid height is about 148 m.
7. 2.600.000 blocks of stone were used for building the Great Pyramid. Many of them are 70 to 100 tones weight. Nowadays we do not have the technology to make similar constructions. And we have a 6 million tones Pyramid while the Earth is a 6 X 10.000000000000000 and so on, weight.
8. Why did they build it? Well, have you aver seen a hydraulic pump with compression chamber? Take a look at these images. This is a pump. 

  And this is the Great Pyramid in Egypt
9. The Great Pyramid in Egypt perimeter is almost identical to the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, about 900 m.
10. Near the Great Pyramid they found boats in the sand. Why are they similar to the boats built nowadays in the Titikaka lake, in Peru. This is a boat in Egypt. 

And this is a boat in Peru and Bolivia. 
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