Thursday, September 11, 2014

Visit Styxx River

I have visited Styxx, the river of the dead this year. It was during our vacation in Greece and we have decided that we should visit this legendary river, called Styxx which was in Greek mythology the border between our world and the underworld of Hades. So, the best thing one can do in order to visit Syxx River is first of all to come to the awsome Greece. Photo : view from Parga.
Visit Greece and River Styxx
The River Styxx, or Acheron as it is also called, was the river of death and sorrow. You can read more about it here. What I wanted to tell about it is that nowadays it is a funny place, indeed mysterious and a little strange first of all because of the silence that sorrounds the area, but a nice place to visit, to have a beer in the forest or in the bloody cold water. How do you get there?
From Parga, one of the most beautiful places at the Ionian Sea, you only need to drive about 30 km. You can also choose agencies and great guides for this. The guides, nice people, will tell the whole story about Styxx River.
The water is not only very cold but there are places in this river where you should know how to swim in order to pass. So take a next generation Iphone with you. :)
Styxx Greece
Deep River Styxx
Rafting is a funny thing to do on River Styxx. You can also take pictures and swim or just hear the legends about this river which was said to make connections to the dead empire in ancient times.
visit River Styxx in Greece
Visit Styxx River
Visiting Styxx is free, of course. You will find near the river nice places where you can have a beer or some brunch. We have spent about 30 euros for lunch and another 10 euros for beer but I admitt I love beer and drink a lot.
It is interesting that Styxx is the name of one of Pluto's moons.
River Styxx
Styxx River
As for visiting Greece, I can tell that a couple will spend in Parga and on theese trips to Styxx or Necromantieion and so on, about 600 euros only for accomodation, lunch and dinner for 7 days. For example two persons will pay in Parga for lunch about 30 euros. Same price for dinner, drinks included. It is a nice place to visit, anyway. Read also about Necromanteion, the oracle of the dead, near the Styxx River.

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