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Ruins of Puma Punku in Bolivia

Puma Punku in Bolivia is an amazing travel destination and an unique experience. You will find theese ruins of massive stones in Bolivia, as the complex of Puma Punku is part of
Tiwanaku area, between La Paz and The Lake Titikaka. We are talking about huge, precise cut blocks of stone, brought to Puma Punku on the Altiplano in Bolivia hundreds or maybe thousands of years ago. Some scientists believe that the incredible ruins of Puma Punku in Bolivia 
are even 17.000 years old. No theory is officialy accepted about what theese ruins are, how were they got there and what the purpose of this mysterious construction was.
who built Puma Punku Bolivia

The ruins of Puma Punku are 45 miles from La Paz. The altitude is 12.000 feet.

One block of stone here in Puma Punku was estimated to be 440 tons weight. The others laying about are even 150 tons. All of them are masterpieces from any modern builder's point of view. Power machines were allowed to anyone at about 500 B.C. when this complex was built. If it is 500 B.C. Other scholars consider 2000 B.C. more realistic.
ruins of Puma Punku Bolivia

Puma Punku is, in fact, a place where one can see a lot of megalithic stones on the ground. They are among the largest on Earth and we are talking about granit. Granit cannot be easily cut. So, the interesting thing about the incredible ruins of Puma Punku in Bolivia is how theese stones have been cut or who made perfect holes in them, as though they used power machines and electricity. 
ancient technology Puma Punku Bolivia
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Some scholars believe the enormous structure of Puma Punku was the victim of a terrible earthquake or a flood humanity had never seen before. But nobody knows for sure when this disaster took place. Especially when we think that in 1945, an archeologist, Arthur Posnansky proposed that this megalithic structure was buit in 17.000 B.C. He proposed this after taking into account the position of the stars in that very moment and the position of the temple or what unknown people had built at Puma Punku.
When you visit this incredible destination, don't forget : you are breatheless. First of all because you are in the altitude of 3.600 m. And, of course, the ruins of this incredible structure, unique on Earth are amazing.
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